Macedonia Baptist Church, Longview, Texas


  • Caring for One Another (Attention)

    Sermon: Caring for One Another (Attention) Date: May 14, 2017 Speaker: Dr. Keith Kelley Download Audio File Here

  • Job

    Sermon: Job – Job 1-42 Date: 05/07/17 Guest Speaker: Von Schattel Download Audio File Here

  • Receive One Another/Affection

    Sermon:  Receive One Another/Affection – Romans 16:16   Date:  04/30/17   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley

  • The Towel Wearer  The Towel Wearer   Date:  04/23/17   Speaker:  Bro. John Wallingford

  • The Reality of the Resurrection

    Sermon:  The Reality of the Resurrection-John 20:1-10   Date:  April 16, 2017   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley

  • Comfort One Another

    Sermon:  Comfort One Another – 2 Cor. 1:3-11   Date:  04/09/17   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley

  • Appreciate One Another

    Sermon:  Appreciate One Another – Eph 5:15-21   Date:  03/26/17   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley

  • When Needs Go Unmet

    Sermon:  When Needs Go Unmet   Date:  04/02/17   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley

  • Man’s Greatest Need

    Sermon:  Man’s Greatest Need   Date:  03/19/17   Speaker:  Don Duffee

  • Live in Harmony With One Another

    Sermon:  Live in Harmony With One Another – Romans 12:16-18   Date:  03-12-17   Speaker:  Dr. Keith Kelley