Macedonia Baptist Church, Longview, Texas



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What is the Purpose of RECLAIM?

RECLAIM is a three year journey of sacrificial giving to build our new children’s building, a new fellowship area, as well as renovating our existing campus by adding more classrooms and office space.

How will building help us reach our community for Christ?

Children’s building: We are currently saying, “We don’t care about your children” with our facilities. Our children have no meeting place of their own, our preschool space is outdated, odious, and located a long distance from where the parents meet, and our nursery is detached from the main facilities. Commons Space and connect space: In the 1950, 60’s and 70’s, people fellowshipped in their homes over food. Our culture has changed and while some still gather in homes, many are looking for a place in the community to connect with others. Our Commons space will provide an opportunity for others to build relationships with one another. Also, our world has become more dangerous, and we must respond by providing a safe environment for our children. The large hallways will connect our facilities for safety and provide an environment that is easy and comfortable to navigate.

How can I help?

Pray for continued Unity among the body of believers at Macedonia. Be an ambassador of unity by promoting what God has led us to and where we are going in this campaign. Listen to the Lord as to the amount He would have you commit to give above and beyond your tithes and offerings. Follow through what He tells you with obedience, believing God always blesses obedience.